Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coffee Zabaglione

This zabaglione is already decadent; however if you're in the mood to go all the way, try it drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

4 egg yolks
2 tbsp strong coffee
1/4 c sugar
2 tb coffee liqueur
1/4 ts nutmeg
1/2 c grated semi sweet chocolate
-whisk egg yolks and sugar to a creamy consistency in top of double boiler
-in the bottom half of the double boiler, bring a small amount of water to the simmer.
-place egg mixture over shimmering water, making sure the bottom of the pan doesnt touch the water.
-beat mixture well with a whisk until it begins to thicken, about 5 minutes
-be careful not to beat too long or you will cook the eggs.
-remove top of the double boiler from the heat and whisk in the nutmeg, espresso and coffee liqueur
-return pan to double boiler and whisk until the mixture increases in volume and becomes light and fluffy, about 3-5 minutes
-remove from heat and spoon zabaglione into dessert dishes
-sprinkle with grated chocolate and serve immediately

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Alton de Jesus said...

Hi, I've recently stumbled upon your blog after looking for Coffee Zabaglione recipes. I first heard about this in Giada's Everyday Italian (Food Network). Although her procedure was easy, I find yours very helpful in my actual attempt to make the drink.
Thank you so much and I'm looking for more tasty treats from your blog.
Until next time.
Alton (Philippines)